Welcome To Swarthmore College London (SCL)
Swarthmore College London (SCL) is a great college - we are committed to provide quality teaching from our newly decorated classrooms and IT suits. Choosing a college for higher study is a key decision to take as this might have a huge impact on your future career. We, at Swarthmore College London (SCL) offer wide range of courses at different levels in order for our students to get realistic access to higher education following flexible routes. You will be able to graduate with a degree from various UK Universities which has many benefits. The location of our college is well connected to explore the wonderful city of London.
Swarthmore College London (SCL) offers help organising workshops and one-to-one sessions to explore new ideas in support of academic studies. We also offer specialised help for students with have learning disability or dyslexia or need personal development. Our student support service also offer help in career development, writing CV, interview techniques and to find out employment. At Swarthmore College London (SCL), we fully understand the need of availability of text books, journals and internet facilities to complete their studies. You will be able to borrow books if you prefer to study at home to complete your assignments.
The college is fully committed to comply with the equality in diversity. We wish to work together to build a learning culture based on the equality of opportunity and develop a society who can celebrate the rich diversity of our student and staff.
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